Commercial Post & Rail Fences


A commercial post & rail fence will add a rustic and country look to your property since it helps to define the area without actually enclosing it. It will also enhance the expansive views of the landscaping and surrounding sights.

Post & Rail Fences

Commercial post & rail fences are available in several wood types. Each wood provides different characteristics as they age to a silvery gray.


Copperwood fences will weather first to a copper color and then eventually to beautiful gray during its lifetime. Learn more about the unique features of Copperwood fences.

Green-Treated Pine

The pressure treatment of green-treated pine increases its resistance to insects, rot, and decay. Learn more about green-treated pine fences.

Natural Cedar

Add a beautiful look to your fence with the light-colored hue and red tinge aesthetic of Natural Cedar. Learn more about Cedar fences.

Yellow Pine

This untreated wood requires the most maintenance and upkeep, but is a very economical option.


There are several different styles for commercial post & rail fences. We can even create a custom design to showcase your property. Exact specifications can be provided by a sales rep depending upon the wood and style of fence you would like installed.

Available in 2, 3, 4 rail
Post & Rail
Post & Rail
Old English
Old English
Rustic Split Rail
Rustic Split Rail

Matching wood walk gates and double drive gates are available to match most styles, sizes, and heights and include standard hinges and latch.

We also offer self-closing and self-latching gate hardware as well as other hardware options. Additional gate styles are available. Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

Hardware & Latches

Upgrade the look of your gate with a different style of hardware and / or latch.

Handle 1
Handle 1
handle 2
Handle 2
Gravity Latch1
Gravity Latch1
Gravity Latch2
Gravity Latch2
Maintenance & Warranty
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