Commercial Composite Fences


Commercial composite fencing provides the natural look of wood or stone fencing without the required maintenance or wear and tear. The design of composite creates a beautiful, consistent look on both sides of the fence.

Our partnerships with Trex Fencing and SimTek Fence, the two leading composite manufacturers, provide a variety of styles, colors, and heights to help match budgets and aesthetic preferences.

Composite Fences

We offer two brands of commercial composite fencing that provide different specifications and price points. A sales rep can provide the exact specifications based on the fence you choose.


Trex composite fencing is made of both wood and plastic. This company’s special formula pairs the strength of wood with the durability of plastic.

Top Rail
4" x 4"
Bottom Rail
1" x 5 3/4"
5" x 5"
5 3/4"
8' wide
2' - 12' Custom heights may be available
SimTek is made from a proprietary blend of virgin and recycled polyethylene plastic, and reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and every panel. Its construction creates an excellent sound barrier and makes graffiti easy to remove.
5" x 5"
6' and 8' wide
3', 4", 6", 8", 12" Custom heights may be available
Post Tops & Accessories

Matching composite walk gates and double drive gates are available to match all styles, sizes, and heights and include standard hinges and latch.

We also offer self-closing and self-latching gate hardware as well as other hardware options. Other gate styles are available. Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

Composite Walk Gate Example
Composite Double Drive Gate Example
Hardware & Latches
Upgrade the look of the gate with a different style of hardware and / or latch.
handle 1
Handle 1
Handle 2
Handle 2
Magna Latch
Magna Latch
Standard Lokk Latch
Standard Lokk Latch
Maintenance & Warranty
What Our Customers Are Saying…

The fence looks great. Quality built and done very quickly.

Carol P., Roselle, IL